Bruce Hodes

Bruce Hodes, President and Founder of CMI, is dedicated to helping companies grow.  The focus of his work is developing work teams, business leaders and executives into powerful performers.  Bruce has an MBA from Northwestern University and a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work.

As a business strategy consultant and a former psychotherapist, Bruce brings a diverse blend of skills and education to his work with teams, business leaders and executives.  Bruce developed a methodology, called Breakthrough Strategic Business Planning.  This planning format is specifically designed for small and mid-sized companies; it is also useful for departments and corporate divisions.

Bruce has over 30 years of experience working extensively with privately held companies from five to 100 million dollars in size.  He is an expert in small business advising and family business coaching.  Bruce’s diverse skill set and adaptable approach allows him to work with a wide variety of companies including food processing, manufacturing, insurance, health care administration, technology, staffing and commercial laundry sectors.  Bruce has coached and planned with numerous companies that have experienced real tangible revenue growth.  Bruce has also facilitated team building retreats for employees of the Chicago Public School System, and other Not for Profit Organizations.

Bruce is a prolific writer.  Bruce’s writing often appears in Textile Rentals Magazine and on the Strategy Driven blog.  His book, Front Line Heroes: Battling the Business Tsunami by developing Performance Oriented Cultures was published in February of 2012.

Bruce Hodes
CEO, Business Coach, Author, Speaker

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Since growing up in his family’s boating business to founding his company CMI, Bruce Hodes has dedicated himself to helping companies grow by developing executive leadership teams, business leaders and executives into powerful performers. Bruce’s adaptable Breakthrough Strategic Business Planning methodology has been specifically designed for small-to-mid-sized companies and is especially valuable for family company challenges. In February of 2012 Bruce published his first book Front Line Heroes: How to Battle the Business Tsunami by Developing Performance Oriented Cultures. With a background in psychotherapy, Hodes also has an MBA from Northwestern University and a Masters in Clinical Social Work.

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March 2014: Bruce Hodes is invited back as a guest on EPN Radio to discuss driving mediocrity out of organizations. Listen Now >>
April 2013: Bruce Hodes shows how to grow a powerful profitable business and achieve sustainable growth in challenging times on LA Talk Live. Watch Now >>
April 2013: Bruce Hodes discusses achieving sustainable business growth on EPN Radio. Listen Now >>
March 2013: Bruce Hodes discuss strategy execution management, KeyneLink and Front Line Heroes on the Price of Business Radio. Listen Now>>


February 2014: Bruce Hodes moderates “Family Business Transitions and How to Solve Them” with Panelists: Phil Schmidt, David Schmidt, and Craig Freedman.

June 2013: Bruce Hodes moderates “Profitably Growing Your Family Business” with Panelists: Phil Schmidt, Joseph Krusinski, and Jerry Freedman. Watch the videos:
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