How Is Your 1-Page Implementation Going?

Not well or don’t have one? Get a complimentary Strategic Advisory Session.

How Is Your Team Performing?

Do you have a high performance team or a collection of silos?

Get Unstuck

Continue Upward with a Strategic Plan that Actually Works

Master Your Business Tsunami

Go from Mediocrity to Profitability with a Cohesive Team

Achieve More Together

Create a Growth-Orientated Culture that Works for Everyone

Achieve Healthy & Sustainable Growth

Escaping the Business Quagmire Has Never Been Easier

With the right guide, you can develop a high-performance, growth-oriented culture and create the company of your dreams.

Strategic Breakthrough Planning

Increase engagement and focus of your leadership team and employees with a 3-year plan that results in your organization being loved by its owners, employees and customers.

Keynote Speaking & Conference Workshops

Keep your leadership team aligned and focused on the plan by working together in quarterly huddles to ensure the successful execution of your 3-year plan.

High-Performance Team Building

Create a culture of accountability, collaboration, teamwork and problem solving with fun and strategic team building that results in high-performance teams.

Meet Our CEO, Bruce Hodes

Bruce Hodes is dedicated to empowering front line workers, managers, and executives to achieve healthy and sustainable revenue growth with high performance teams. As CEO and Founder of CMI, Bruce offers a wealth of experience as a business strategy consultant and former psychotherapist and is especially effective working with family-owned and privately-held businesses, ESOPs, and divisions within large companies – throughout North and South America.

Employee Engagement Tools


Our revolutionary strategy execution management software combines the planning and execution processes with tracking software to effectively put your company’s strategic plan in action.

5 Behaviors of a
Cohesive Team

Create a culture of accountability, collaboration, teamwork and problem solving with fun, strategic team building that results in high-performance teams.

Front Line Heroes

Based on his 30 years of business coaching, Bruce Hodes’ book Front Line Heroes outlines best practices for achieving healthy organizational growth during challenging times.

One Page Plan

Analyze your current and future business environment to create a concise strategic plan for clarifying goals and implementing processes to achieve long-term success.


Uniform Company Testimonial

“Bruce has supported my company through thick and thin, first with team building and strategic planning — now with performance management. His provocative approach to causing change has served our team and customers well!”

CEO of a work uniform company

IT Firm Testimonial

“We hired Bruce to help us improve how we do business, to facilitate team building, and to help us achieve our goals as we grow. Bruce did an excellent job at helping us make decisions, stay focused and commit to being accountable for our actions. When you are self-employed, it helps to have someone else hold you accountable and act as a sounding board for ideas, questions or concerns.”

– Partner of an IT firm

Paving Company Testimonial

“We have worked with Bruce on Team Building and Strategic Planning for several years. Bruce has a great business knowledge and has challenged us to think differently than we have in the past. He has a great understanding of the challenging dynamics that can exist in a family business. The bottom line is that he is helping us achieve results and helping us make changes we may not have made without him.”

– President of a paving company

Market Research Company Testimonial

“During my 40+ years of market research consulting with many industries, including the industrial launderer and textile rental service industries, I have had the opportunity to interact with many other consultants. At this challenging time, I considered it valuable to introduce to you a consultant I consider to be one of the very best.

Bruce has a broad and diverse clientele… consider my observations about what Bruce does and the results of his process.”

– President of a market research company

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