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CMI’s Quarterly Newsletter – July 2022 Summer Edition
Game 2022 on!
CMI’s Quarterly Newsletter – April 2022 Spring Edition
Rising Beyond!
CMI’s Quarterly Newsletter – January 2022 Winter Edition
A Tale of What’s Next!
CMI’s Quarterly Newsletter – July 2021 Summer Edition
Context is Decisive!
CMI’s Quarterly Newsletter – March 2021 Edition
Things are opening up; Get cracking on your Strategic Planning
CMI’s Quarterly Newsletter – Holidays 2020 Edition
Reflect on 2020 and gear up for 2021
CMI’s Quarterly Newsletter – Fall 2020 Edition
Lessons learned and using that new information to plan for the next phase
CMI’s Quarterly Newsletter – Summer 2020 Edition 
America begins to open up; dealing with the unrest across the United States
Special Edition – CMI Newsletter 
Dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic
CMI’s March 2020 Newsletter
CMI’s October 2019 Newsletter
Bruce’s article, “It all Impacts….Just be Nice” was published by Training Magazine!
CMI’s June 2019 Newsletter
Bruce’s article, “Great Customer Service is a spot of bright Sunlight on a dark, stormy Ocean” was published by Training Magazine on May 30th!
CMI’s March 2019 Newsletter
Read Bruce’s latest article – It All Impacts…Just be Nice
CMI’s October 2018 Newsletter
CMI has moved!
CMI’s June 2018 Newsletter
Read Bruce’s latest article!
CMI’s March 2018 Newsletter
Bruce was featured in ISE Magazines February issue!
CMI’s September 2017 Newsletter
Featuring Bruce’s article on the Seven Rules of Strategic Guessing
CMI’s June 2017 Newsletter

Read Bruce’s two latest articles, “I am not your Bystander” and “The Missing Link

CMI’s March 2017 Newsletter
Bruce’s Article Was Featured in Young UpStarts! “The Mama and The Papa