Today, we are neither here, nor there. I see it, I feel it, taste it, and then not… The opportunity is here, there, and not really. We have a vaccine, and maybe you know someone that got it. Not you, your appointment is nonexistent. February, I know that spring is coming, it does stay lighter longer and yet, there’s so much snow and ice. So cold. The Covid cases continue and now the Variants.

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And yet, most clients duplicated their revenue from 2019 in 2020. Some businesses did better in 2020 and grew. PPP certainly made the difference and got everyone over that awful initial spring devastation and bumped some companies into the summer where they got their feet under them and were able to be successful in the new reality. Some businesses have made it from March to February and are still standing.

Here To Stay

Covid is no longer lurking in the distance. The Virus is among us. Weekly I hear of cases and people who have it. Some people get very sick and others not so much. One company was devastated by so many of their employees getting sick with Covid or having to quarantine that they nearly had to shut down. The CEO told me that if you could walk you got to drive a truck and deliver to customers. In two family-owned companies the whole family got Covid and therefore the leadership team was sick for two weeks. Chris, a former client, says this is the new normal. He says that with new variants, Covid is never going away. Now that is a cheery thought and a future to cuddle with.

Growth in 2021

For our business clients their 2021 planning is done and now we are implementing. Growth for all our clients is the 2021 agenda. The pace now is a little faster than treading water. It is swimming into the fast-moving current against the tide. According to plan the tide should change and help gain growth. Not yet. My head says be patient. For me, this is not easy as I want quick and decisive results.

Take Bold Action

Patience does not mean inaction. What patience means is being able to tolerate no results and at the same time taking bold and consistent action to grow your business. In the face of all the resistance, and the COVID-19 issues, the good companies are engaged in creating a great compelling 2021.

One client is expanding their mat facilities by 50%. This means building and construction. Most clients are hiring, and this means at all levels from Senior Executive positions to the frontline. Another client is looking at a major acquisition. In Ecuador, our client is opening new stores and developing franchises. Good business organizations are living into a bright 2021 future that they are taking bold action to create.

What are you doing? What future are you generating for your company? What is your 2021 strategic plan? Are you moving from survival to creation?

Let us know how you are doing and what you are up to. These are strange times.

Almost there and not quite…


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