Breakthrough Strategic Business Planning


CMI’s Breakthrough Strategic Business Planning is specifically designed for growth-oriented companies. The process is centered around researching and assessing critical issues. This process also includes assembling a key leadership team and coaching them to commit to the company’s strategic direction.  CMI’s Breakthrough Strategic Business Planning results in strategies, goals, objectives and action plans that lead to implementation and execution of your strategic business plan.


The strategic planning program consists of 3-1/2 day sessions with the corporate leadership group.  The sessions are one to four weeks apart from each other (not back-to-back); depending on the amount of research done in between.


  • A focused and aligned corporate leadership group
  • An analysis of the current and future business environment
  • An examination of your market segments and your competitors
  • A strategic assessment your company and its strengths and weaknesses
  • Clarification of strategic goals and objectives
  • Action plans with designated leaders and due dates
  • A process to monitor, give feedback and to implement the action plans
  • A one-page plan

“Our leadership group reacted very positively. The huddles and planning sessions get others engaged and fosters an ambiance of openness. Bruce has helped to boost morale and put together a structure.”
~ CMI Client