Highlights From No Ego


The following really stood out for me:

  • The average worker spends 2.5 hours in drama No Ego by Cy Wakeman
  • Suffering is optional and usually self-imposed
  • Venting is the ego’s way of self reflection
  • Our suffering does not come from our reality; it comes from the stories we make up about our reality
  • The impact of a leader does not come from what she or he tells team members but from what he or she gets them thinking about
  • Accountability is the death of ego
  • Your circumstances are not the reason you can’t succeed; they are the reality in which you must succeed
  • When asked for my absolute best advice ever I reply stop believing everything that you think
  • Self reflection is the ultimate ego-bypass tool. It is the core driver of accountability
  • Great leaders make reality conscious and visible so that action can be intentional and not accidental
  • Your happiness-engagement is not correlated to your circumstances but to the amount of accountability you take for your circumstances
  • Attachment is the source of suffering. Get fluent in the new but not attached

If any of the above provoked you, interested or annoyed you then this book is worth reading. I recommend it and I also encourage you to have those around you read it. This book is one from which you can build a high performance culture. After you read it let me know if it is an I-am-better-for-reading-this book or if it is a throw-it-at-Bruce-yelling-what-were-you-possibly-thinking book.

No Ego by Cy Wakeman on Amazon. (We do not get any money…)


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