High Performance Team Building


CMI’s High Performance Team Building allows corporate groups to explore ways they could work better together. This Corporate Team Building Retreat involves group participation, evaluations, coaching, discussion and resolution of critical issues and commitments. CMI’s High Performance Team Building program has been highly successful with all of our clients since 1984 and it is the foundation for the rest of CMI’s corporate team building services.

What is a High Performance Team?

“A small number of people with complimentary skills who are equally committed to a common purpose, goals, and working approach in which they hold themselves mutually accountable.” – from the book “WIsdom of Teams”.

Who is a High Performance Team Member?

High performance team members:

  • Subscribe to and support a common performance agenda
  • Enjoy their work and are engaged in their work
  • Have complimentary skills
  • Hold each other mutually accountable
  • Design their own performance structure


  • Learn to become a High Performance Team
  • Design a performance enhancement plan
  • Improve work team performance
  • Bond with team members