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Front Line Heroes Endorsements

“Bruce has a unique way of sharing ideas about leading people and organizations. His methods will challenge your thinking and beliefs in a way that brings positive results. Bruce was a very valuable resource as we grew our company.”- Rick Carpenter CEO, Central States Mfg., Inc.

“I can speak firsthand about the material in this book, because I’ve worked with Bruce since 2000. It works. Bruce works. Read it, follow it and enjoy the ride.” – Tom Crowley, CEO, MBX Systems

“Finally, a real business book for real business people who are in the trenches day in and day out.  I can really relate to what Bruce is trying to convey as there is relevance to what I do every day.  Bruce makes you look in the mirror and it really makes you reflect and want to take action.    Who would think that a business book could also be so beautifully written.  Great flow.  An easy must-read for anyone on top of a small-mid-sized business.”- Craig Freedman, President, Freedman Seating

“Bruce’s dedication and insights are themselves heroic and he does have something to say about what it takes to build performing cultures and not a culture of performers.  Perhaps even the way he addresses this possibility gives you a glimpse of his mastery and experience and what will take to have an environment in which all have the opportunity of great performance vs. an environment where some perform and are the exception to the rule. He truly addresses what never seems to be addressed in organizations—If someone is interested in the whole of the organization performing—this is a must read kind of book.” – Jaime Hurtado, President, INTEC

“Advanced Group grew up in the 90’s – an era when a “rising tide floats all boats”. When I began working with Bruce he challenged me to understand that we could do better – even though we were receiving awards like the coveted Inc. 500. We didn’t want to be a flash in the pan and needed to develop a sustainable, engaged organization that could live up to its vision and mission. We focused on developing high performance teams within a culture of commitments and accountabilities. While having fun doing it! Trust is now embedded into the company and we can walk the walk. I’m thrilled Bruce has written this book – his ideas on business and successful growth are refreshing.”  – Leo Sheridan, CEO, Advanced Group of Companies

“As usual, Bruce’s approach is a little offbeat but captivating.  He always has had a way to capture one’s attention and this book is no different.  I look forward to recommending it to business associates and friends.” – Jack O’Riley, President, The Coaching House, Inc.

“It has been my honor to collaborate, connive and work with Bruce for over 15 years.  Working with Bruce has always been challenging, he is insightful and intuitive about business and the business culture, these traits lead him (and you) down many, many roads less taken.  This book is your opportunity to free your mind from conventional business thinking and to move your organizations culture from wherever it is now into a culture of shared accountability, living your values and execution management.”– Chris Corcoran, Division Vice-President, Crothall Laundry Services

“If Bruce Hodes was a physician, he’d have the skills of a neurosurgeon; the wisdom of an internist; the insight of a pathologist; and the bedside manner of a general practitioner. As such, he is the perfect healer for whatever ails your company.” – Bob Clouston, Retired Corporate Executive (formerly President and Chief Customer Officer, Sargento Foods, Inc.)

“If you are looking for a reason to read Bruce’s (or this) book – it is all about the reason for being! Bruce has finally helped clear up the ambiguous definitions of Mission, Vision, and Values. With these definitions and Bruce’s tips, tools, and techniques any organization can get more aligned and aimed at greater performance and success.” – Tim Buividas, CEO, Corporate Learning

Finally an author who actually tells us to pick and choose the best parts to consume! I love buffets! Bruce walks us through our journey with the tools and the advice we need, all while writing in his personal style as no other. My hat is off to Mr. Hodes – he gets it and he helps us get it” – Bill Renick, President, Xten Industries LLC

“Bruce Hodes has truly captured the short-comings of most company’s top level versions of their mission statements, values and BHAGs.  Even more important in his new book he lays out prescriptive measures to help those of us in need overcome these obstacles to growth.”– Michael T. Fox, President/CEO, Ingenuity IEQ

“Bruce has the unique ability to competently address cultural shortcomings of any corporation, to quickly absorb the details and then provide a practical outline of solution, taking the problem very seriously without taking himself seriously, keeping his response simply but not simplistic, a whip without the sting.”- Ron Kotecki, President, Integrated Building Systems, Inc.

“Bruce has an uncanny way of getting you to look at yourself and/ or the situation from a different perspective. His new book gets you in that same frame of mind of looking at situations, companies, people, yourself and creates the vision of how things can be different. His examples and tools assist the reader to layout and execute their desired change.” – Patrick Bye, President, Energy Dynamics

“In reading Bruce’s book, I found him to be spot on.  A company needs to have goals and strategies built around values.  In Bruce’s book he clearly gives the reasons why and functional material to work from.  I know because I manage my company in this manner and it works. On the issue of managing versus coaching, I am very excited about these pages.  Bruce has valuable insight to explain the difference and to explain where each is used in an organization.  Coaching is exciting because it helps good employees become great employees.  And, great employees become the organization and worlds rainmakers.  Bruce again explains a very functional approach to this explanation of an individual’s journey to greatness.  That in turn it makes for a great organization. “- Jim Graham, President, A to Z the Growth Partners

“Bruce Hodes knows his stuff. He’s been in the trenches as a business consultant for many years. His wisdom, experience, commitment to the success of his clients, and quirky sense of humor all come through in his book. It’s well worth reading and will help managers grow their companies.” – Robin A. Sheerer, President, Career Enterprises Incorporated

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