Dina's Book Review | Tony Soprano on Management by Anthony SchneiderI instantly became interested in reading this book because, after all, it is Tony Soprano! Even though, I confess, I never watched The Sopranos, I was intrigued by what a mob boss would know about management and I wanted to know the comparison between this fictional character and real business situations, real managers and leaders.

Tony Soprano on Management is a quick read with stories and examples weaved into the real content of managing a business, employees and yourself. It is amusing – the first rule – don’t take yourself so seriously and it is relevant to being a good manager and leader in today’s business world as well as in your life.

Each chapter contains a management subject, lessons on how to be and act, a case study as an example, a wrap up or summary of the chapter and a Worksheet or Checklist to ask yourself and go through to make sure you completely understand the Chapter and its contents. When I went through the Worksheet quickly I would get an answer I knew wasn’t accurate. I found myself slowing down, rereading parts of the chapter and taking time to honestly answering the questions on how I am as a leader in my job and my life. (Some things I have down, others, I need a little more or a lot more work!)

The book was very informative on how I lead at work, at home, at other areas of my life and has given me ideas and rules to follow on how I can improve and manage better and differently. The author states: “Obviously you can’t whack ‘em like Tony Soprano” and you can take on the subtleties of negotiating, communicating, listening, being empathetic, being prepared for meetings, having meetings and talks go your way…

I’m taking what I learned from Tony Soprano into my own life when I have meetings with my boss and when talking to my husband and children. Also, when I’m coaching people and dealing with vendors. And, my husband and I have started watching The Sopranos!