Here are some additional thoughts for colleagues on the Pandemic….

“Expect the pandemic to lighten up some over the summer and return in the fall, possibly far stronger, as it combines with the regular flu season. Expect everything to remain the way it is now until we either get to 70% herd immunity or there is a vaccine. Understand it will take time to get there, possibly 36 months. Expect nothing to go back to the way it was and everything to change. Expect many more deaths. Expect a major economic depression. Factor that in when you work with your clients. Who will buy from them if there is no money to buy things because folks can’t find work?  Factor in the long quiet destruction of the federal government by a group of Uber wealthy conservatives. Understand it’s been going on since the Reagan era and it’s one of the reasons for the current catastrophe, the other reason being the current administration.  Continue to mask up.”

“You’ve shared fascinating stories and captured what many of us are thinking.”

“Perplexed as to the whole ‘I do not need to dress today’ mentality.  Makes one ask the character question…as if no one is looking, now it is ok?!?  As I commented to my wife, when questioning why I was dressing up on my first work from home day, ‘Life may have changed course, yet life is still going!’ Interesting the human nature of individuals in changing times.”

“Our elementary-aged kids at home are struggling with adjusting to having to manage their time wisely with technology-based learning (and with mom and dad harassing them to focus! ugh). The pandemic is forcing technological learning on both ends of the age spectrum! My 80-year-old parents and my 7-year old daughter are diving into technology with varying levels of interest and readiness.  One client found that the timing of the pandemic actually benefited their early development as a new leadership team. New global team members have joined the company “as equals” since the dynamic of “HQ is always in-the-know first” has essentially been removed with everyone equally separated from one another. Their daily Zoom call check-ins have powerfully strengthened relationships and brought them in alignment.”