Let’s Spring Ahead with CMI’s Team Building Programs!
Spring is just around the corner! As the weather gets nicer and everyone emerges from a state of cabin fever have you noticed …
  • Productivity slowing down?
  • Employees seeking more time out of the office?
  • Less than outstanding customer service?
  • Cranky attitudes on the job?  
This year, be proactive. Get your team together for a morale boost and learning opportunity with one of CMI’s team building programs. At CMI we are constantly coming up with ways to stay ahead of the changing seasons in the Midwest. It’s not too late to schedule an event to kick off the spring/summer season! 
Here are some ideas for outdoor events:
  • Team building in local parks or at the beach
  • Outdoor team rope courses or rock climbing activities
  • Team building Kayaking
  • Team Building Orienteering Adventures
For more information please contact us at (708) 383-7970. To start the planning process, contact me, Bruce Hodes, CEO and Facilitator Extraordinaire! I am eager to assist you.