Our planning session was occurring and there he was.  A Hilton employee quietly entered with copies in his hand.  He was the red headed front desk guy who told me he would make copies.  My plan was during the break to go and pick them up, and then there he was.  Bright, cheerful, and bringing added value.  That put him and the San Diego Hilton Garden Mission Valley on the fast track to be my favorite hotel.  He was nice.

The taxi was green…it stands out in my memory as green is my favorite color.  He was early for my six o’clock departure and efficient as the bag ended up in the trunk.  I made a call and then we talked.  He was very much a perfect cab driver.  Car was clean and a Prius.  As I exited at the airport, he fist bumped me, gave me his card, and told me to call when needed.  I will.  He was nice.

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