Below is a testimonial that one of our partners sent out to his work uniform rental clients, which is a market that we serve. I was humbled that he took the time to write this and wanted to share it with you.

During my 40+ years of market research consulting within many industries, including the industrial launderer and textile rental service industries, I have had the opportunity to interact with many other consultants. At this challenging time, I considered it valuable to introduce to you a consultant I consider to be one of the very best.

Bruce Hodes of CMI is a strategic planning and communication expert who has a broad and diverse clientele, including numerous clients in your industry. Consider my observations about what Bruce does and the results of his process:

What CMI Does for Clients

  • Current status: Analogous to an annual healthcare exam, Bruce helps an organization methodically assess its “health” in terms of criteria that might include sales revenue, profitability, retention, product & service mix, current markets served, new market opportunities, etc.
  • Establishing planning priorities: If the first step is “Where are we now?,” the second step is, “Where do we want to be?” Bruce facilitates a process that enables the organization to be laser focused upon a limited number of crucial planning objectives, each supported by highly specific goals, assignments of responsibility and timetables for task completion
  • Managing the process: A common characteristic we see among new clients of ours is either no strategic plan guiding the business, or a plan that “sits on the shelf.” In contrast, we have consistently seen Bruce effectively integrate planning into the daily activities of the clients he serves.
  • Team building: Virtually every activity conducted by Bruce includes an element of team building. Transitioning employees who are primarily focused upon their own priorities into cohesive and highly productive teams might be the most valuable capability Bruce brings to an organization.
  • Internal communication: Our extensive experience with customer satisfaction assessments consistently reveals that a crucial variable influencing customer satisfaction & retention is effective communication, both internally and with customers. Bruce knows how to train and motivate your employees to be more effective communicators.

The Results

  • Steadily improving customer satisfaction and retention
  • Increased number of referrals for new business because of improved performance
  • Enhanced profitability
  • Higher levels of employee satisfaction and retention
  • Greater return-on-investment when an organization decides to invest in new products, services, markets, etc.

In closing, I encourage you to take time to speak with him. In addition, I hope you will seriously consider inviting him to conduct a strategic assessment of your business. Bruce provides this on a complimentary basis so you can develop insights about what he does and how it can directly impact the success of your business.

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