May you and your organization be thriving in the first quarter of 2022!

Recently, I have read a great book that I am recommending to my favorite business leaders who are out to make a difference. You have made that list.  The book is Scaling Up by Verne Harnish. This book has won numerous rewards. The author also wrote the Rockefeller Habits which has been acclaimed by many and which I also recommend. Scaling Up is updated and much more robust than his first book.

Scaling Up is rich with ideas, references, and templates. I really like how the author suggests many other books and resources that are useful.  This book is a bible for someone who wants to grow their organization and scale up.  The book covers key points that are critical. There are four principal sections: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. 

In the People section, the author covers the critical aspects of having the right people in the right seats of the organization.

In the Strategy section, the author emphasizes the need to think through what truly differentiates your company from your competition and makes you more than a “me too”. 

Execution is not talked about enough.  In this section you explore how you are going to fulfill on and execute the strategy. 

The last section is the Cash section, and it really allows the reader to deal with and think through how you can fund Scaling up.  I especially liked how the author outlines the pitfalls and challenges of doing this.  Being able to fund the organization during growth is critical.  To quote someone “Cash is King…”

Another thing that I liked about the book is that You can read the sections that call to you. One does not have to read it from beginning to end and each section is pretty stand alone.  The only thing that I found weak in the book is the author’s commentary on technology and social media.  If I think the book is weak here, you can only imagine.   There are many other resources that can support you here, so this lack of up-to-date thinking is no big deal.  Overall, I recommend the book and its resources highly. 

I invite you to read it and to also check out the website as it contains many useful templates.  To buy the book on Amazon and to go onto the Scaling Up website Scaling Up Performance Platform — Growing Leaders and Companies for additional templates and resources. We look forward to your thoughts on the book and hearing how you are utilizing it.