Strategic Plan Execution Huddles


CMI’s Strategic Plan Execution Huddles center around implementing the organization’s strategic plan.  The objectives include desgining a method to implement the strategic plan and developing the Strategic Planning Team into a high performance team.  Working with CMI’s business strategy consultant, this process creates dialogue, the airing of various viewpoints, commitment, consensus, and alignment among the participants.


CMI’s Strategic Plan Execution Huddle Program starts with one day of interviews and a meeting,  Then CMI’s business strategy consultant meets quarterly with the leadership team.  The use of KeyneLink as an accountability and cultural tool is an optional addition to the program.


  • Structure for ongoing implementation of the organizational plan and strategic agenda
  • A focused and aligned key employee and management group
  • Action plans and budgets so that everybody knows who, what, where, and when
  • A process to monitor, give feedback and to implement the action plans