Strategic Planning For Today’s Challenging Business Environment

Front Line Heroes Excerpt


“Man is limited not so much by his tools as by his vision.”- Richard Tanner Pascale and Anthony G. Athos

In mid-afternoon of October 26, 2011, the following headlines glare at me from Yahoo Finance:
              “Wall Street Anxiously Awaits EU Debt Plan Details”
              “A Greco-Roman Tragedy: Europe wrestles with financial crises”
              “Your Debt: The one thing killing the economy”
              “The Economic Agony of Today’s Twenty-Somethings”

This is just the tip of the pessimistic media iceberg that has loomed over us since 2009. Executives and business leaders are caught in the biggest business tsunami in the last 50 years, and it takes courage and determination to grow and develop organizations in spite of it. This book is a tribute to those who do perform, grow, and develop, and it is a tool for those who want to. You are my frontline heroes.

For more than 30 years, I have dedicated my career to helping companies increase revenues by developing high-performance cultures. I have worked with privately held small- to midsized companies, as well as Fortune 1000 firms. My work has extended from the U.S. to Canada and as far as China. Never have I specialized in any one industry. After years of working with leadership groups, CEOs, executives, and frontline heroes, I have something to say.

I grew my business in the world of “A rising tide floats all boats.” If you positioned your company or organization correctly, it would grow. While technological advancements, globalization, and competition presented real challenges, they do not compare to the business headwinds blowing today. If you are intent on fighting these headwinds—or perhaps even using them to your benefit—this book is for you.

There are so many business books to choose from. Some are really good. Some are not so good. Why spend your valuable time on this one? Well, the concepts and techniques presented here work in designing and developing powerful organizations, and they are not theoretical or dry. This book is meant to be quirky and different because that is the way I am. It is energetic and full of life because that is the experience I have of my clients and colleagues. It is humorous because we can all—well, not you, of course—take things too seriously. Ultimately, this book is designed to be both engaging and full of actionable tips that you can use in your organization to create positive change.

You can read the book from stem to stern, beginning to end, A through Z . . . I could go on in this vein, but I won’t. Or it can be viewed as a buffet. Sample the chapters. Take and taste what you want. If there is something you like, take more. If a topic is particularly relevant to your organization, make time to engage. If an idea annoys you, dissect it and figure out why. If sections light you up, take advantage! If you want to throw the book at me, email or call; we will set up a private time so you can do just that. What I encourage most is that you let the book in. Use the material inside, or lose the value within this tome. (I love that word, tome . . . it is so highbrow.)

Despite the media rhetoric, there is opportunity in these times for sustainable business growth. I see it every day. If you’re ready to give up playing a victim to the times, read on. You are a frontline hero. You can make measurable change in your organization . . . and you are in the right place to start.
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