These are challenging times. My thoughts go out to everyone as we deal with these uncharted waters. Please know that CMI is your partner and resource as we all negotiate this new reality. CMI is ongoingly developing our response to the pandemic. At this point we are doing the following:

    • CMI is following all guidelines and recommendation set by Illinois, Cook County, and Chicago. For the most part we are working from home with occasional forays to the office to manage mail and the like. Everybody is safe and healthy.
    • Bruce has offered himself as an added value resource to clients and organizations in our email base. As added value, he will support and talk with employees and business leaders who are struggling. There is no charge for this service.
    • CMI is facilitating monthly meetings to our clients with their leadership teams at no charge as a supplement to our scheduled work.
    • Bruce is hosting Zoom-type meetings on Tuesdays and Fridays with CEO’s from around the country and Ecuador. These are powerful sessions in which participants share information, problem solve, advise and support each other. These are safe zones where all views are respected and listened to. If you want to attend and want a invite, please send a request to
    • We have extended payment terms to our clients from 30 days to 90 days.


As we swim in these new waters CMI will ongoingly be developing new services and ways that we can support. If you have ideas on how we can support please send them to

We are in this together and we will lay new track and demonstrate resilience together.

Thanks so much,


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“Expect the pandemic to lighten up some over the summer and return in the fall, possibly far stronger, as it combines with the regular flu season. Expect everything to remain the way it is now until we either get to 70% herd immunity or there is a vaccine. Understand it will take time to get there, possibly 36 months. 

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